The Beginning of Islam

  • Muhammad founded Islam around 600 years after Jesus founded Christianity.
  • He was born close to the same place as Jesus.
  • He taught his followers to respect other monotheistic religions like Christianity and Judaism.
  • After Muhammad passed away his relatives took over and were called Caliphs.  One of these Caliphs was assassinated and two different kinds of Islam were established:  the Sunni and the Shia.
  • The Sunni believed the leader of Islam should be chosen by the leaders of the religion.
  • The Shia believed the leader of Islam should be a descendant of Muhammad.
  • Muhammad was a Muslim.

The Skull

The skull is made up of the:

  • orbit which is the socket that incloses the eye
  • frontal bone which is the bone that makes up the forehead
  • temporal bone which is located on the side of your face (the temple)
  • sphenoid bone which looks like it’s located in the middle of your eye from the front
  • nasal bone is the bone coming down between your eyebrows
  • zygomatic bone is your cheek bones
  • nasal septum is what divides your nostrils
  • maxilla is under your nose
  • mandible is your chin

The Skull

Blog-Based Learning by Stephenie the Great

So far, working with The Tutoring Solution, Zeb Welborn and the blog-based learning program has been interesting.  It’s interesting because I have been able to learn new ways of understanding information.  It’s been kind of fun . . . because you get to put new things on your blog.

My favorite assignment so far has been a post I wrote on the Corgis, because I learned more about the breed of my own dogs.  And because I like learning about dogs and eventually want to become a veterinarian.

I think this is helping me prepare for my Sophomore year of High School at Roosevelt High School in Eastvale, CA because I am learning the subjects before I am taking the classes next year.  The most important thing I’ve learned so far is about ancient Rome, Egypt, India, Buddha and Confucius for my first AP class . . . AP World History.

Through this blog I am hoping to understand and learn Geometry so I can be prepared for next year and to pass my World History AP class.

Zeb Welborn from The Tutoring Solution has helped me prepare for my Sophomore year of High School, if you live in or around Eastvale and want to improve your grades you should contact The Tutoring Solution for Eastvale tutoring.

Geometry – What I’ve Learned So Far

  • Scalene, Equilateral, and Isosceles Triangles

    Congruent triangles means they are identical to each other. All angles and all sides are the same.

  • Isosceles triangle means two sides are identical and one side is different, also two angles are the same and one angle is different.  The two angles that are the same are called base angles, they are also congruent.  The different angle is called the vertex.
  • Equilateral triangles are triangles with all equal sides and angles.  The angles in an equilateral triangle are always 60 degrees.
  • A Scalene triangle has no equal sides or angles.
  • Supplementary angles are two angles that add up to 180 degrees.
  • Complimentary angles are two angles that add up to 90 degrees.
  • In an acute triangle is a triangle where none of the angles are equal to or greater than 90 degrees.
  • An obtuse triangle is a triangle that has one angle that is more than 90 degrees.  The other two angles must be acute angles.
  • A right triangle has one right angle that measures 90 degrees.  The other two angles must be acute angles.
  • Congruent line segments are line segments that have the same length and congruent angles are angles that have the same measurement in degrees.
  • Side-Side-Side (SSS) – if the three sides of two triangles are congruent then the two triangles are congruent.
  • Side-Angle-Side (SAS) – if they give you two sides of a triangle and one angle and they are equal to two corresponding sides of another triangle then they are congruent.

An Interview with My Parents on Buddhism and Catholicism

After talking with my Mom, I learned that when she was young she would go to the temples every day while living in Sri Lanka. When you enter a temple you have to take your shoes off in order to show respect to the monks and their temple. My parents would invite monks to our house for food or we would serve them at the temple, because they are not supposed to work. They are supposed to be relaxing and praying all day. When they pray they use a string, the string represents protection from bad things. When you go to a temple, you’re only supposed to wear white in order to show respect to the monks. There is a special day every month where you would have to give up any or all of your goods and pray.

My Mom, Sriyani at Temple in Sri Lanka

After talking with my Dad, he would go to church every Sunday to pray and show respect to God. When you go to church you can wear whatever you want. To practice his religion, my Dad serves food to the poor every year. Church mainly talks about how to live your life right, to respect people and to choose the right path.

The Practice of Sati

The Practice of Sati

There was a girl named Sati and she was butting heads with her Dad and she burned herself to death in order to prove ______________.

It’s a tradition in India for only Hindus. When their husbands die, they are cremated and then wives were expected to throw themselves on the flames of their husbands during their cremation. If they refused to throw themselves on the fire they would be dragged and forced upon the fire.

Even though Hindus believed in it, not all Hindus practiced Sati.

My Most Memorable Memories | Draft #2

During a party at my house we were all having a great time. Until we were playing tetherball and the pole fell on my head. I was scared and terrified. I thought that I was losing all of my blood. Some of the memorable things that happened in my life are the embarrassing moments, a pet that meant a lot, and a great vacation I went on.

After a swim meet at our school all the girls in our swim team went to our team captains house for a team bonding night. We were having a blast until something embarrassing happened to me. While we were playing a game we had to answer questions. My question was what the most embarrassing thing that happened to me was. I couldn’t think about one at the moment but just as I was ready to answer my dad was already on his way to pick me up. So as I was walking out I ran into the glass sliding door and then everyone started laughing. That was the most embarrassing moment for me.

I’ve had many things that meant a lot to me and my dogs are one of them. We have two dogs, Trixy and Trigger. They are both lovable dogs. Although they are very hyper they listen to us very well. They are trained to sit, stay, and, going to their cage. We got them when they were 3 months old at a breeder’s house which was a 2 hour drive. They are amazing dogs to have.

Lastly one of my favorite vacations was going back to my home town Sri Lanka. Going there is always exciting because I get to see my cousin. They all mean so much to me. They always make me fell welcome. Although I would never live there I love visiting.

Those are some of the memorable things in my life. Going on trips, doing embarrassing things, and having amazing dogs. After the party that the pole fell onto my head I went to the doctors and they gave me 7 stitches. I was all better but the only downside was that I had to take my first grade picture with a huge bandage on my head. The memories were crazy fun and very worth remembering.